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Advanced Abstract Colorado



If you participated in the beginners painting class and enjoyed it. Here is the opportunity to do a continuation class based on your skill level.


Here Christian teaches you the fundamentals of enhancing your artwork to the next level. In this acrylic painting workshop continue through each stage of the painting from start to finish.


This course is a continued exploration of the concepts covered in Abstract Colorado: Painting for Beginners.  Age 18 & above.

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Course Details

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Course Dates

Thursday, April 21 & 28, 2022


Outside the Box Studio

Littleton, CO


Course Cost

$100 for the course

*Non-Refundable $50 payment must be made to hold your place

Materials List will be provided.

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Guest Instructor

Christian Dore

Born and raised in Kent, England - Christian Dore’s artistic career began in London as a graphic designer for the BBC. A Colorado resident for the past several years, Dore’s current artistic focus has turned to painting, as the extraordinary landscape of his current home provides a grounding and inspiration for his work.

It is the warmth and optimism of the Colorado landscape, enhanced by the dramatically changing seasons, which set the tone for Dore’s dazzlingly varied color palettes. His work is tribal in appearance with a distinct colorful texture that exudes Colorado and the artistic techniques of the North American Indians.

Dore sketches prior to taking a paintbrush in hand. His technique is simple: he works a painting over and over, endlessly layering with paint and mixed media elements until he achieves the intensity of color and textural build-up characteristic of his work. Dore’s bright colors and flurry of abstract forms are by no means frenetic, however, as each painting manages to convey a serene moment in time, a tranquil calm.

Creating intense areas of color with heavily textured surfaces, Dore takes the expressive qualities of color to their fullest extreme. His belief in an enchanted inner vision leads to the creation of highly imaginative paintings, inspiring introspection and thought on the part of the viewer. Expressing his feelings about his surroundings, rather than illustrating them, Dore’s work immerses the viewer in a phenomenal visual experience as well as a rich inner journey.

You can see more of Christian’s work at:

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